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Drug Rehab Mississippi

Substance abuse is a serious problem in the state of Mississippi which not only impacts the many residents who are abusing drugs and alcohol but many others as well. Many Mississippi residents struggle with alcoholism, the consequences on binge drinking, and the prescription drug abuse epidemic that is sweeping the country is also a very prominent drug threat in the state. Marijuana, cocaine, heroin and other opiates such as prescription pain relievers the drugs of choice in Mississippi, all of which can cause very serious consequences both acute and long-term when not addressed effectively through quality drug treatment. The need for drug abuse treatment in Mississippi has never been greater, and thankfully there are quality drug treatment options in the state to accommodate all age groups, ethnicities, and religious denominations. There are also drug rehabs which provide beds for client's children, as well as alternative drug rehab programs in the state for those who would prefer a non-traditional option.

Drug abuse is drug abuse, so whether someone in Mississippi is abusing an illicit street drug or a prescription drug addiction results and this can spiral out of control very quickly. The problem of prescription drug abuse can be more difficult to identify, because many individuals obtain the prescriptions they abuse legitimately and can themselves remain in denial about their problem. Alcohol is another very insidious drug, because so many individuals remain in denial about their abuse of alcohol until it has reached a crisis point. Alcohol is legal, and abuse of it common and acceptable in society today, so it too can be a very difficult problem to identify and treat.

So no matter what substance someone is abusing and no matter what excuses or social veneers mask this, addiction is very rarely be overcome without the help of treatment professionals at a drug rehab in Mississippi. This is why loved ones must cut through these excuses, veneers and denial and remain vigilant in noticing the obvious manifestations and signs of substance abuse and do everything possible to help the person as soon as possible by getting them into drug treatment. And it is crucial to understand that someone doesn't have to reach the fabled "rock bottom" before being open to help at a drug rehab in Mississippi. Treatment received sooner than later, as in right when a substance abuse problem has been recognized, gives individuals a much better chance at making a fully recovery.

At a drug rehab in Mississippi, treatment specialists utilize comprehensive treatment plans to help individuals get through detox and withdrawal as safely and smoothly as possible. It is crucial to follow this up with more extensive steps which will help clients resolve the real life issues and any psychological and emotional ties to drugs and alcohol which may prevent them from remaining abstinent once treatment is complete. Different drug rehab programs in Mississippi have different approaches to accomplishing this goal, and there are also a variety of treatment settings available. Statistically in terms of long-term success rates, inpatient or residential drug rehab programs in Mississippi are the superior option. This is true for the most part because outpatient drug rehabs don't provide the crucial change of environment that clients needs to sustain their gains in treatment. Outpatient clients are still vulnerable to things back at home that could trigger a relapse, but long-term residential and inpatient drug rehab programs in Mississippi provide the ideal length of treatment and environment so that this is far less likely. In some instances, extensive aftercare is a part of the recovery process for clients who may need help setting up a healthy and drug free lifestyle when treatment in Mississippi is complete. This is all considered throughout the drug rehab process in the state and an aftercare plan is prepared with the help of treatment counselors upon conclusion of one's program, and such arrangement made where needed.

Addiction is something which can happen to even the most seemingly strong-willed individuals, so it isn't something to be ashamed of if you are doing something about it. It can be difficult however to convince someone to get help, because of shame and guilt and denial. For loved ones, friends and even coworkers to see someone throwing their life away over substance abuse, it can be extremely difficult to stand by and let this happen. But there are effective actions which can be taken to persuade individuals to go to drug rehab, even when all other efforts have failed. So once a quality drug rehab program has been chosen for someone one which adequately suits their needs, a treatment counselor at the facility can help concerned family members and friends either work with a professional drug interventionist or hold a successful drug intervention themselves. An intervention can be used to effectively persuade individuals to get help, who may have not been in the right frame of mind or circumstance to accept such help in the past. All intervention participants will have the opportunity to communicate to the individuals exactly how their addiction has affected their relationship, but more importantly what can be done to change this for the better immediately starting right now. This can of course be an overwhelming confrontation for the addict initially, but for most it is the opportunity they have been waiting for that they know they need to take advantage of.

When someone in Mississippi receives lifesaving treatment in an effective drug rehab program in the state, they are taking steps not only to become drug free but to heighten their quality of life dramatically if they commit themselves to the process. Treatment professionals are prepared for any challenges, as most individuals do have serious obstacles to overcome and it isn't always easy. But no one has to be a lost cause, and anyone in Mississippi can take advantage of treatment before it is too late. If you need drug rehab or know someone who does, contact a professional treatment counselor in Mississippi to get any questions answered and begin the rehabilitation process as soon as possible.


Mississippi Drug Statistics

1. Mississippi has the 2nd fastest growing prescription painkiller abuse problem in the country.

2. In Mississippi, there were 95% drug overdoses deaths from the abuse of prescription medication, according to the state Bureau of Narcotics.

3. About an 8. 2 percent of adolescents (21,000) in Mississippi, used an illegal drug in the past month; 4. 5 percent (12,000) used Marijuana and 5. 3 percent (14,000) used and illegal drug other than Marijuana.

4. In Mississippi, since 2010, Meth labs have dropped 95% because Pseudoephedrine now requires a prescription note from a doctor.

5. The use of painkillers for non-medical use in Mississippi among males is 10,000 and females 9,000.

6. In Mississippi, teenage boys are accounted for 63. 6% (984) of the 1,546 total teenage boys for substance abuse treatment admissions.

Drug Facts
  • One fresh magic mushroom may be more than twice as potent as the next.
  • Age-related physiological, psychological, and social changes make aging individuals more vulnerable to the negative effects of substance abuse.
  • When Xanax is prescribed for insomnia and the individual becomes dependent on the drug, insomnia will occur as a result of addiction to the medication.
  • About 20% of urban gay males aged 15-22 years surveyed reported having used methamphetamine within the past 6 months.